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Low-cost Local Market Reasearch


Business magazines, academic institutions and others gather and analyze research data about business trends but the costs are still not affordable for local businesses. Metamarket give access to digital data providing important information to identify and analyze the market needs, market size and competition to enable better, more cost-effective decision making.

Rulestore API


Rulestore API is a project in partnership with RuleML. The goal of this API is to provide RuleML rules as Linked Data objects to bridge the gap between Linked Data and Rules. While designing rules and rulesets is still an expert-guided task, exposing rules as Linked Data will greatly improve their usage in Web reasoning.

Encoding Knowledge on the Web


Encoding and processing semantic annotations on the Web.

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My Survey


An easy to use cloud application allowing one to design surveys and a widget solution to embed them in specified web sites

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An easy to use cloud application allowing one to design timeline memories out of online social data.

News Room

The Social Media Newsroom is an automation intended to encourage dialogue and information sharing. The content is accessible to more than just journalists, but to all those with whom the company engages such as customers, business partners and investors. The Social Media Newsroom gives them access to news, public relations announcements, images, audio, video and other content.

What is in a Like?


The SocialWeb is dominated by rating systems such as the ones of Facebook (only "Like"), YouTube (both "Like" and "Dislike") or the Amazon product review 5-star rating. All these systems try to answer "How should a social application pool the preferences of different agents to capture the wishes of the population as a whole?".

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RuleTheWeb! employs user preferences, Semantic Web annotations and behavioural targeting to create the best related content towards a semantic navigation on the web. In addition, because the semantic annotations are extracted on the fly, and rules are always up to date there is no inconsistency between cached data (such as existent crawled summaries or raw data on the server side of other solutions) and the actual status. When content creators update their web sites and the user visit them, RuleTheWeb! immediately delivers up to date related content. RuleTheWeb! is enriching the reader experience by considering the semantic of the visited page and user's own preferences encoded as rules.

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Parsing SPARQL Queries


A library to advanced parse of SPARQL queries.

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Complex Event Processing


An API for handling of complex event patterns from event streams.

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Online Presence Management

Online Presence Management is the process of presenting and drawing traffic to a personal or professional brand online. This process combines web design and development, online publishing, search engine optimization, behavioral advertising, reputation management, social media, link sharing, and other avenues to create a long-term positive presence for a person, organization, or product on the Web. is a complete online presence management solution, an one place solution, allowing businesses to create and maintain their Web presence (live journal), their mobile presence (their own mobile application) and their own social presence (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing, YouTube...) inclusive social measurements such as visibility rate, preference rate, amplitude rate and conversation rate. AAYO customers benefit of an unique notification mechanism allowing direct contact with their customers.

Cloud-based Audio/Video Conferencing

Use AAYO Meetings to hold webinars, conferences or business meetings. Frequently Asked Questions.

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